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[Announcements] We are now using verison 0.125... no manual update availble yet.

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Posted on 2017-08-18 13:13:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Update 8/24/17
for some reason there is now a 0.125-1.26 patch available
and a 0.123-0.124 patch
BUT no 0.124-0.125 patch... and we are still using 0.125
go figure....
so IDK is solved or not.


In case you didn't notice the change to the sign in pop up box....
we are now on game version  0.125
(note it is version 0.125 NOT 1.125 so do NOT USE the "latest patch download" of the wrong version!!)

AS of Friday 18:00 GMT... there is no manual update for the version on the official download pages.

Therefore MAKE SURE YOU RUN THE GAME AS ADMINISTER... so the game will auto update.

I always start the game as administer but, the first time I tried to open the game it told me I had an outdated version.
However, it started just fine the 2nd time.

- Ele

Posted on 2017-08-18 13:21:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

posting so Led doesn't have to stalk me.

hope u are well old guy.

Posted on 2017-08-22 11:09:09 | Show thread starter's posts only


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