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[Announcements] RULES/ PROCEDURE when asking for FOK's help

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Posted on 2017-08-15 10:48:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Last edit 9/29/2017
Changed a few words; screen shot or copy paste of ticket page info MUST be included for us to put FOK name in thread heading.

We have been getting a LOT of posts asking FOK to check tickets and to help with other problems the forum mods can not help with.
We ask that you follow these guidelines when wanting help or attention from FOK.

** for hot sale items requests in the title put ; " Hot Sale Request;"  followed by the top 1 or 2 items eg.
 "Hot Sale Request; Expert Unbinding tools and Gold Boxes".  

For help needed threads;

If it is something that maybe players can solve; post a regular thread in the discussion area.

If players would not be able to help with your problem; make a report to, and get a ticket number from Customer Support.

If Client Services DOES NOT read your ticket (eg. it still says "pending resolution" ) or answer/auto reply after 1 WEEK; then make a thread here in the forums with the following; Do not post before your 1 week wait (except in servers down situation).

Get your service "ticket" from the IGG Service page >> PC Game >> Voyage century
click " My issue" at the top left under your USERID to see all ticket numbers.

Most players just highlight, cut and paste or an actual screen shot of the info from this page to their forum post.  HOWEVER Sometimes a better explanation of the problem is needed****!

A highlight, cut and paste will look something like this:

This is the information we need on the FIRST post of a thread:

1062807Quest BugProcessing04/24/2016

and, I would put an extra explanation**** in my post about which "quest bug" I am reporting.

yes, I still have 2 tickets open from 2016.... sigh

**** read #3 in the next post


DO not attach your complaint/ problem to anyone else's posts.
*see "Punishment for abuses" below.


Posted on 2017-08-15 10:50:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is a more in depth explanation of what we need to see in your post;

You MUST show a copy paste or screen shot of your open/unread ticket!!!
this PROVES that you are not making up dates or anything!

First: Before you make a post be sure that:
the ticket has been waiting in the service center for 1 week and not answered (eg. pending resolution)
the ticket was looked at but no reply from support was received and the problem is not fixed 1 week after being read
a "auto reply" was received but nothing has been done since then, problem still exists.
(if this is about a bug or a text error/ translation error... these happen so often, don't expect it to be fixed)
Generally only bugs that cause IGG to lose money or offset game play greatly, or give a GREAT advantage to the cheater/hacker will get looked at)

*** PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND; often IGG will let you know your problem is being looked at, and then the problem is never fixed and you never hear from them again.
You can try submitting the problem in the forum again. 

However it is more likely that they can not fix, or do not want to invest the time and man hours to fix the problem.   JUST accept the fact that IGG and many Chinese companies will NEVER admit they are unable to fix something or that they just don't want to put the time into such an issue, so your ticket will just stay open indefinitely.


The first 4 are to be contained in the FIRST post of a thread.
1)  Put in the text body that this is for FOK
DO NOT PUT FOK or Funofking's name in the Title.   -  A moderator will do this after it is confirmed that the problem can not be solved by players or moderators.  (this is to catch any new players that may not know all the problems of the game).

2) Ticket Number  
If you do not have a ticket number we will allow the thread to stand... but if the players can not help you, or you do put in a service ticket, you NEED TO EDIT the first post to contain the screen shot or copy paste of the  line that contains the number.

DO NOT make FOK read through the entire thread to find your ticket number!!!  Put it at the top.

Get your service "ticket" from the IGG Service page >> PC Game >> Voyage century
click " My issue" at the top left under your USERID to see all ticket numbers.

*** A copy paste of the whole line from your service page is acceptable...HOWEVER we may need a better description to be sure it is something the players and mods can not help with!!

3) BRIEF summary
Include a brief summary of the problem for each ticket number in the post.
Just say;
  ticket #
2222333 - "Unbinding figurehead" submitted 6/12/2017
5555588 - "Items missing from character" submitted 7/4/2017
1234567 - "stolen account"  submitted 8/1/2017

etc. etc.... if its a bug report... say " bug in xxx instance" or "silver gaining bug" or what ever...  you can say more if you want!
We (moderators) want to know which bugs have been reported as there are often 2 or more active bugs at any time. (use your own discretion when reporting an exploit/bug, and choose your words carefully)

This statement is how we will know your problem needs to be escalated to FOK...  so if you have tried the 3 or 4 solutions mentioned in the forums you NEED to say that in your first post
" I tried:
1) restart
2) reboot
3) reinstall
4) and got no other suggestions from forums

4) Date
Be sure to add the date the problem occurred and/ or Date the ticket was made; so we know you have waited 1 week before reporting in the forums.


DO not attach your complaint/ problem to anyone else's posts.
We will mark a thread as solved** when the poster replies to the thread as solved.
(If you hijack another thread with your complaint we will start getting tough with the mute function! or maybe even the drop function)
** Moderators will add "[Solved]" to a thread title when the problem is fixed or action is complete.
Original poster must post to the thread (a whole new post that bumps the thread) so we know to mark it as solved (FOK does NOT tell us when he fixes problems).

Bumping Posts ;
A post may be bumped NO SOONER THAN every 72 hours ONLY BY THE FIRST POSTER (w/ that same character name)
or if someone actually had a solution or HELPFUL comment that will bump it as well.
(eg. we will not accept bumping, just for attention getting, done by friends or alts... it will be considered spam and post will be removed)

If original poster wishes to bump the thread please only say " This issue is still unsolved" or something similar.

Do not post jibberish when you bump the thread! - we will consider that as spam.

If derogatory remarks are included or added in a post by the original poster, the thread may be closed and locked and possibly the poster will be muted from posting again for a while...  so keep it clean and socially acceptable.

(if derogatory marks are made by someone else; the thread will be locked and most likely removed, then a moderator will copy paste the first post into a new thread.)

Posted on 2017-08-15 10:52:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

"Punishment for abuses"

First hijacking of a thread - you will be given a warning - you should get an auto PM of the warning.

First incorrectly reported issue - you will be given a warning;" and you will be given the web address of this page in your pm (message of warning is auto sent to pm) - so we have a record that you have been informed of the rules.

Types of Warnings

If we have to give a warning for a post to a thread:
A warning will remove the text you wrote and replace it with the following:

Warning has been issued  

If we have to give a warning for a comment to a post:
the words will also disappear and the following comment shows;

This thread has been banned.

We think you can get 2 of these warnings and the 3rd one will mute you.

yes we have to find a way to test it... so who ever breaks the rules first... you are the test subject.

Posted on 2017-08-15 10:53:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

The Status of your Service center report

Pending Resolution: A GM will attend to your ticket soon.
Processing: A GM is looking into your ticket.
Replied: A GM has replied to your ticket.
Resolved: Your ticket is resolved.
Closed: Your ticket is closed.

Please understand that IGG does not often reply to tickets.
and sometimes tickets are never closed. ( I still have 2 reports of beginner quest line breaking back in April 2016 in the "processing" status).

If you report a bug, other than a game breaking bug ie. a cheat bug, a text bug, ... expect that ticket to stay open for a LONG LONG time IF it ever gets resolved.  Unless IGG is losing lots of $$ it probably will not get fixed.


If for some reason your problem still exists but your ticket gets closed or you are told the problem is resolved (but it is NOT resolved):
1)  Bump your original thread that has the ticket number of the closed or unresolved problem
2) EDIT the title of the first post to say "ticked closed but problem not resolved" or " ticket says resolved but problem still exists" or something similar.

The mods will see it, and then one of the Mods will put FOK's name in the title.


This is the first trial run of these rules, they may change or others may be added at any time.

- Your Forum Moderators