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[Announcements] The Defense of Yizhou Patch, guide, info links

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Posted on 2017-06-06 07:01:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

The Defense of Yizhou Expansion released

Dear Captains,

we are proud to announce that The Defense of Yizhou expansion has been officially released. You can find more information about it here: The Defense of Yizhou

How to update
Launcher should download, install and update the game to the latest version automatically. In order to have the updating process to go as smoothly as possible, run the launcher as administrator (Right click => Run as administrator).

If the automatic update fails, please download and install client and these patches manually in the following order.
1. Download and install Client version 0.122
2. Download and install Patch 0.122-0.123
3. Download and install Patch 0.123-0.124

After installation, make sure you add voyagecentury.exe and Core.exe files to your firewall exception list.
If you encounter any problems, feel free to make a thread in Discussion section of the forum, describing your problem in details.

Further information:
Few guides have been written but not fully completed. We encourage players to help us complete them.
- Yizhou Storyline
- Level 165 / 168 / 170 / 170+ equipment upgrade guide
- Yizhou Defensive Battle - Exploration / Cards / Rewards
- Promoting Material List

Events and prizes
To celebrate the release, all servers will receive  3X EXP and 1.5x drop rate from the moment the server are up till 11:59pm June 11th.

For our loyal veteran players, we prepared a special gift. Redeem your VC Veteran Gift at:


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