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[Announcements] IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info

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updated and added further IGG contact information 9/28/2017  - Ele

PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT if you have a quest-line break or a problem that requires a Game Manager (GM) or any type of in game help OR if you need assistance with Item Mall purchases / refunds etc.

FoK will not help you with out a ticket! so make sure you do the first link below if you need in game help.

Be sure to add a screenshot**!! 

Screen shot with your voyage log open to the quest with quest words on right half of log showing; as you talk to the to the broken npc
show the broken item in your inventory
show what ever might be related.

** To make a screen shot; press the print screen button, open paint (program), click on blank picture area and ctrl+V (paste), resize this screen shot to "pixels"; horizontal, 1200... then save to your computer.
(resize for full screen shots; otherwise the file may be to big to upload to the support page.)

To add a screen shot to your post here in the forums:
add a screen shot to your post by clicking the far right button if you are initially creating a post

or if you are in "edit" mode of a post use the same icon located 4th from the right

if you have the picture hosted at a picture hosting site use the other button:

EMAIL and get a TICKET SUPPORT LINK : >> PC Game >> Voyage Century
you will have to sign in again as this is a different forum from ours.
so don't be scared by the error message


Complaints & Suggestions :

PS: Please tell IGG your Game ID, Facebook ID (for browser accessed games) and Account name in your letter.


IF you do not get an answer after 1 week; see the following post on how to correctly post in the forums and for a Mod to annotate your forum post's title to get FOK's attention.

New RULES/ PROCEDURE when asking for FOK's help

-------------  OTHER WAYS TO CONTACT IGG / THINGS TO TRY  -----------------

Do you own a mobile phone??
download one of IGG's mobile phone games or apps and the go through that games online service.
I suggest you try one of the newer games as they are more likely to have live support.
(make sure the one you download says IGG.COM)

if you want to work for IGG try:
Scroll down for job openings and scroll down all the way on that page and there is a long list of IGG  HR (Human Resources) email links for each country.

Also check out the page:
for several street addresses and further contact emails for Business Development and Public Relations (PR).

Investor Relations contact:

With effect from 7 December 2015, the address of principal place of business of IGG Inc in
PRC will be changed to 20 Jinjishan Road, Jin'an District, Fuzhou, Fujian 350013



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I want to remind our players to always report your problem to IGG as well post .
 If you just POST , often it becomes a dead topic . IGG will not have a staff reading the forum looking for players complaints , they expect to see them in an e-mail and by proper contact in the system they set up for this issue.

Visit for game features !