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[Announcements] IGG Customer Support Links; contact info, Log in problems help

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At this time VC client support is STILL not linked from the main IGG Pages support page 
8/22/2020 - 4/17/2022

You can however, scroll to bottom of Main page ( then click "service center" under "I need Help" or just go to the page directly with this link: >> PC game >> voyage century

Other help posts:

How to create an IGG Account and enter the VC game

Game item, quest information web sites, Discord links

RULES/ PROCEDURE when asking for FOK's help


PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT if you have a quest-line break or a problem that requires a Game Manager (GM) or any type of in game help OR if you need assistance with Item Mall purchases / refunds etc.

FoK will not help you with out a ticket. he will only help if a substantial amount of time has passed (ie. support doesn't answer or doesn't help) and ticket number is included in thread! 
Refer to this linked thread BEFORE asking for FOK's help

So make sure you do the first link below (to Support) if you need in game help.

Be sure to add a screenshot**!!  (regular support personnel do not speak English very well and a picture tells them faster what the problem might be.)

Screen shot with your voyage log open to the quest with quest words on right half of log showing; as you talk to the to the broken npc
show the broken item in your inventory
show what ever might be related.

** To make a screen shot; press the print screen button while viewing your problem in game, open paint (program), click on blank picture area and ctrl+V (paste), resize this screen shot to "pixels"; horizontal, 1200... then save to your computer.
(resize for full screen shots; otherwise the file may be to big to upload to the support page.)

To add a screen shot to your post here in the forums:
add a screen shot to your post by clicking the far right button if you are initially creating a post

or if you are in "edit" mode of a post use the same icon located 4th from the right

if you have the picture hosted at a picture hosting site use the other button:

EMAIL and get a TICKET;


>> PC Game >> Voyage Century

if you are signed into this forum you will not need to sign in again for the support page (8/22/2020)
so make sure you are using/on the correct account to make your report.

** Service center form was changed AGAIN possibly in early 2022
If you are not logged in you will see a different from and not be able to access your past tickets

If not logged in:
1) Put your email address in the first line
2) a title or 5-7 word summary of your problem in line 2
3) describe your problem in depth in line 3
 I do not think you can add pictures when not logged in, but you could host them somewhere and give support a link

if logged in
1)select a category
2) select a sub category
3) select server
4) Character - I think they want Character name
5) character id- I think they want account name - but IDK
6) Email
7) reason for reporting - a short one line title of your problem
8) add pictures and screenshots with the big gray +
9) Detail - describe the problem  with the most detail you can.

(*warning* no one has ever gotten a reply from this address though messages do not bounce back)

Complaints & Suggestions :
PS: Please tell IGG your Game ID, Facebook ID (for browser accessed games) and Account name in your letter.
(*warning* no one has ever gotten a reply from this address though messages do not bounce back)

Email Change Form (1 change per life of account); 
Has been removed by IGG - Fill out the customer support form and get a ticket # from support.

Password Change;
or (this address does not require logging in)

Activate your VCO Account;

Activate IGG PC games (other than VCO, and double check that VCO is activated);

Your personal account information;


To check the status of your report or read the "answer" from support:

You have to be logged in to see the my tickets link

1) log into the support page
2) click the icon at the Bottom of the page to the right "My Tickets"
3) click the ticket you want to read about
They now only keep tickets for 3 months (the page says this, and from personal experience, they DO delete them!!)
so now it will be easier for them to deny you and your past problems - especially since all past problems are now wiped from the list with this new form (8/22/2020)

IF you do not get an answer after 1 week; see the following post on how to correctly post in the forums and for a Mod to annotate your forum post's title to get FOK's attention.

New RULES/ PROCEDURE when asking for FOK's help

-------------  OTHER WAYS TO CONTACT IGG / THINGS TO TRY  -----------------

Do you own a mobile phone??
download one of IGG's mobile phone games or apps and the go through that games online service.
I suggest you try one of the newer games as they are more likely to have live support.
(make sure the one you download says IGG.COM)

if you want to work for IGG try:
Scroll down for job openings and scroll down all the way on that page and there is a long list of IGG  HR (Human Resources) email links for each country.

Also check out the page:
for several street addresses and further contact emails for Business Development and Public Relations (PR).

Investor Relations contact:

With effect from 7 December 2015, the address of principal place of business of IGG Inc in
PRC will be changed to 20 Jinjishan Road, Jin'an District, Fuzhou, Fujian 350013

Unit A&C, 44/F, NEO Tower A, 6011 Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
(address found June 2020 - is from investor relations - probably corporate board or finance)
Tel:+86 755 8832 6839
Fax:+86 755 8832 6999

The board of directors (the “Board" of IGG Inc (the "Company”) hereby announces that the Company’s principal place of business in Hong Kong has been changed to 40th Floor, Sunlight Tower, No. 248 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong with effect from 8 August 2018.

19/F, Cheung Kong Center, 2 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong (address found June 2020 -for investor relations)
Tel:+852 3469 5132
Fax:+852 3469 5000


If you have problems logging into the game read this first;

Things to check:  (just in case)

1) Do not use passwords or account name characters/letters that are not numbers or modern English alphabet letters.  (NO spaces, hyphens, dashes, asterisks, number signs, exclamation points, @ signs, $ sign etc...).

2) USE ONLY 4-14 characters for your account name (IGG Registration says 4-20, but more than 14 is not compatible with the VCO registration)

3) Do not use Yahoo mail ; you will not get the confirmation to activate account.  Yahoo security is bad or just terrible anyway they are getting sued for breaches - Do not use them EVER.
** Players from France have had problems with Gmail - so try a different mail service.

4) Make sure you can login onto this forum with broken account. Use the same credentials as you would for logging into the game;  Account /username and Password....NOT Email and Password.

5) Make sure you activate your account, both old or new accounts! (Log onto website with account that is not working after you click this link - double check account name in brown box top left is broken account name).

6) Make sure the game is activated; (it's a rather old page... not easy to find let us know if activation buttons still work): (Log onto linked web page with account that is not working after you click this link -there is a log off button or "sign in" depending on which page it takes you to..... you will have to re-paste address from below after signing in). 

To double check which account you are logged onto click the "account management" link - account name is at top right... then click the back/back one page button on your browser.

For  #5 and #6 it is possible to be logged onto a different account here in the forum and be logged onto other accounts on either of these linked pages... so double check which account is logged in so you are certain you are looking at your broken account's information and not your main or other account's information.

7) If you have not registered yet, the VCO webpages link; will look similar to the picture below:
click the link at top on page that says; "click here to activate this game". 
You will be directed to registration pages.

The brown box on the left no longer tells you to register
The box now has no information and just says User name; VC Point(s), VC Credit(s)
(February 2022)

8) (Other players have said) that if you fail to log into the GAME 5 times the game MAY freeze you out.
You have to wait 15 or 30 minutes to try again.
It does not tell you this... it just keeps failing your log in.

*Tried testing this (8/21/18) and I have done at least 6 incorrect log ins and have still been able to get in game.. so not sure if this is true.

You can be blocked from the IGG websites if you fail 5 times when logging in.
But I have not gotten actual game log in to block me.

Can someone else test this for confirmation?

9)  **March 14, 2018 Bug..**
If this is a new account; wait 15 minutes after activating accounts and game before trying to play the game.   Admin has reported that the new system has taken 10 minutes to activate an account.
BUT, we have reports that some accounts still will not activate.

reported 5/9/2018 - Inexistent account in game message
reported 6/20/2018 - Inexistent account in game message
reported 8/21/2018 - Inexistent account in game message
reported 10/27/2018 - Message & Brown square; no name & no zeros
reported 4/1/2020 - Message & Brown square w/name but no zeros
reported 2/19/2022 - Brown square no name & no zeros

Try going to page: and see if your top left information box has numbers or not.

**Please note that your "User Name" MAY or MAY NOT show but the "VC Points" and "Credit(s)" will be missing the Zeros!

Broken account (3/14/2018):

Broken Account (10/27/2018): 

Broken Account (4/1/2020): 

Working account:

If you have no numbers AND you have waited 30 minutes after doing everything above only Admin can activate your account.

If you have the bug in #9 - You have 3 options:

1) Get help from Admin:
a) Write a report to support
b) Make a new post showing that your your numbers are missing (ie. post a screen shot) or a SS showing that your account is not activated somehow (will depend on your individual circumstances).
(Each player affected should make one post for all of your accounts that are affected - do not post to another players thread!!  Players need to post in separate threads so Admin knows which alts belong to what player, and so your report doesn't get lost at the end of an already fixed account's post)

Post using your broken account so Admin knows the name of the account.

2) Try making a new account with a different email address.
This is a random bug... so you may luck out.  Try 3 or 4 times.

3) just wait until they totally fix it... just keep trying a new account every 12-24 hours.
Please let us know if the problem continues for more than a few days.


 If you have further problems:
1. Are you using a non standard English keyboard and what OS language are you using?
2. Can you login by inputting your username and password using the on-screen keyboard provided by the game?

3. Type carefully; I have noticed capital letters do not matter in your account name (game log in only).  But they DO matter in your password.
4. If you still  have problems try creating an account with only letters and numbers AND with out using the shift key.


- added information change pages links 10/12/2018
- Deleted email change form address 5/18/2019
- Added and edited bit about FBID and what # to use 5/21/2019 - Ele
- removed info about FBID as it was taken off the form (a few months ago) 12/20/2019 - Ele
- New Service Center Form noticed 8/22/2020 - edited text for correct use of form - Ele
- added 2nd address for password change 9/28/2020 - Ele
- edited a few phrases; email  now says log to game, put links to other help pages, pinned to top as level 3 during week of 5/14/2021
- switched problem 8 and 9 for easier reading...added brown square examples and changed some wording about the bug 2/19/2022 - Ele
- Changed email form info; don't need to be logged in anymore to send a report but do to see your past tickets.



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I want to remind our players to always report your problem to IGG as well post .
 If you just POST , often it becomes a dead topic . IGG will not have a staff reading the forum looking for players complaints , they expect to see them in an e-mail and by proper contact in the system they set up for this issue.