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[Announcements] Support issues and the Forum

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Posted on 2014-08-10 23:41:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

its me... ?m096
and as it was said already, they don't have to be here 24/7
but it would be nice if they would check the email / ticket list / what ever we use to  bring problems to their attention, at least once in 24 hours.

Posted on 2014-08-15 15:39:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Original posted by spike69Nx at 2014-8-10 04:18
ok so i sold my crystal shoe by mistake, who can fix that now?
if i exchange some IM for the credit even, who do i talk to about the prize that i need LS for?
they should have setup the new thing befo ...

totally agree that shutting ls  for everyone, kind pathetic if they doesn't implement new service center first and try to work it out  i mean before shutting anything down they should have improve that thingy that player get answer quick(less than 3 days for answer) the player that actually pay for play the viplvl3,  i assuming there million of tickets they don't even bother look at it.

So for what the player pay IM  for? nothing get done  and i sure most player that got VIP is cause they want service. but there is not  service at all, the reward are careless.

IF IGG get sue for this kind attitude,  i going to laugh cause is really well deserve, that kind behavior is pretty pathetic coming from and company  that doesn't help the customer, make the community more agriviated look there ppl that cant claim the reward of gold credits give away cause they never made interface you could choose your reward like captain jack pot.

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Posted on 2014-08-15 23:29:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nothing we say or do now will change this system . it is Global change for all IGG . We are like tiny step child . So now we need try our best to adapt to new changes and help make them work .
Get inside system and give them feed back . It isn't read on forum except MAYBE by some staff involved with VCO and they know where we stand . All that will happen is I get another note.
so nothing wrong with making support tickets asking why your waiting when the issue is time sensitive and keeping a record of all transactions with support .
You know support has many eyes watching so all contact is observed . The forum wrong person may see it so it doing no good .
Thats my whole point about getting into the system and learning it and making it work for all of us.