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[Announcements] Support issues and the Forum

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With the new systems being placed into effect for support by IGG , the use of the forum for support issues must be now considered and its role defined .
The Forum is NOT a substitute nor a place for arbitration for support issues concerning your account .
All threads that involve issues that concern accounts or account management will be moved into our Moderation discussion area .
No screenshots or conversation with outside entities concerning game issues are permitted . These also will be moved and reviewed by staff.
The discussion and discourse on the topic is permitted within the general forum rules but " factual " or claimed " facts " or hearsay will be reviewed and may be moved for staff review .
The forum is not arena to dispute service issues , although reports on how the service is working or not working is welcome .
As with any new system , it will take time for players and staff to learn and adjust to the system . it is important that the forum is not used to hinder the efforts of staff to resolve issues .
The support center should be used first to attempt to resolve issues , with a follow up , before you post about your issue and lack of satisfaction or results .

Where the forum is important and a place for discussion of service , would concern overall game performance , bugs and exploits pr general information you may want to provide other players as help or advice .
Help or advice concerning support or how to obtain it for example , based on your own experience with the system is most welcome .
When as a last resort you need to post or make a thread concerning problems you may be having with personal account issues or game issues , keep the tone civil and only give an overview of the problem . Detailed information is for Service center not anyone who can read the forum .
We can with just an brief description of the issue offer some advice or decide to ask for more information for staff or at times contact staff in an attempt to help , but IGG GM staff has always the final word and the ability to resolve issues .
We on the forum staff have only the ability to listen or read , then pass on or move your threads .
The mod staff includes players of varied level and knowledge of the game . We also face most of the same problems players do . we can try to offer ADVICE but there is only ONE place now to get support .
We must work together to make this system provide service . It must be used and given time to adjust by both players and staff , to provide the same levels of help as in other games using similar systems.
Thank you for using the game and for your efforts to help.


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I am not LOCKING this yet . I would like feedback , without insults and non constructive reaction , to this thread and topic .
The goal is not deny players a voice but to allow the support staff to do their jobs while forum staff concentrates on its job .
So think before making any claim of censorship .
I think its VITAL for the health of the game that this support system works .
It is very important that the forum is not seen to undermine the efforts of staff , but we still must provide a role or place for players who have major issues to discuss and maybe get advice that is helpful.
So if you have constructive advice on where the forum fits in , now is the time to voice your opinion .

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so the service centre will just be used for general enquiries   such as where's this , can't find that or my quest item not working on so on?

bugs, exploits well are great to have to provide funofking but you know they will be flame post about who's doing what with what , and then for useful info such as this censorship nonsense would we be able to actually give advice or would we  have to be cryptic about it still ?

would be great to have service centre back again with various topic like tech support for game installation or hardware problems to the basic as mentioned above>

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so what do you do when you get 0 help?
I have a problem with only getting 10% of quest reward in HI I have sent to the proper place I even sent to funoking and I have discussed several time on forum
you have any ideas for players like me? maby a new spot to post or just spam?
im serious

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Led what you are saying would have being good in another game that runned by another company. unfortunately from my experiense the service center is not working for major issues, yes it will work eventually(who ever used it so far knows the responce time..) for small matters like getting rewards etc etc but for major issues unfortunatelly, and thankfully for us, we need to adress to forum cause of funofking. Atm it seems he is the only one working in IGG for VCO support, running events and so on.

i can go on and on about this but i think you got the point. So dont remove the threads and help all the players to solve their issues faster and more efficient by "translating", or pointing out the importance of any issue to funofking

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I really think that we need the Service Center section of these forums opened again... too many times questions get lost in General Chat.

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I agree we need a game questions type of area. Unfortunately to the IGG staff if it said " service center " it was deemed to be the same thing as " support " and they wish it seems to force all support through the " new " system .
The mod staff knows this somewhat from pressure you can feel in mod zone .
Since someone is putting pressure on GM to react and we get post in mod zone,  it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know if we do not fix it they will fix it for us .
I rather be ahead of that train than run over by it.
Johny you are right . And if you note I have said in public the current service is not working very well. In private you can imagine what I post . IGG tolerates constructive criticism as long as your correct . But can disapear you as fast a thread if you get to batcrazy on them.
I put in an announcement that says we have to better . If the system was working why announce the need for measures to help improve it ?
We still can use the forum but from the interal pressure I am getting , they at Staff are very determined to make this work and see only at times our forum working against them .
It confuses the issues often .
We all know not every player post the whole truth or even most of it .
It seems IGG staff reads what we say.
Now I must figure out how we become HELPFUL vs Confusing the issue.
The recent rumor SG is taking over for example.
IGG asked and was diligent as you would be if someone was in your pocket taking your money.
I am working with these people since 2006 the beginning.
They would be quiet and say NOTHING if it were true.
Yet a staff member puts it in public that the rumor IS false.
I do not enjoy the same level of camaraderie with Funofking as I have with previous staff. But he has more than earned my respect and trust.
This is a long running game. We all have invested in it . I no longer am at top of item mall points list as I think I paid enough .
But I could buy two cars in US with what I sunk into VCO . I have an interest in the games future . I may have stepped off of the rat wheel but still buy points .
I also have contacts at SG and the former BB " other" VCO .
SG did a train wreck job taking over at BB and accounts worth mutiple tens of thousands went missing.
Lawsuits were involved.
So I do not wish that mess to land here.
The Rumor is out there and I know several Heavy VIP who have been warned of it .
We got the ability to spend large sums on. A game , most of us , for being smart and good at our job or business.  So as a general rule we look after our investments.
  I do not see any firm fact nor have been given any concering this issue.
So Mr. Fun wasnt stepping out on a limb .
Back to the forum issue, we must take a secondary role to the new service center.
Logically it can't perform at a high level if it is not under pressure and on its own under scrutiny.
So use it to teach them . You claim it takes too long ?
Put in a service ticket saying that.
I am not a puppet and talk straight up.
So I will tell you IGG has the talent and the dedicated staff to get the job done.
Mr. Fun is good but far from unique.  And his English is not an example or indication if his work ethic or ability .
The guy proved his commitment to our game community.
Give him and service staff a chance to get better .
I am still here because of good people on both player and staff side of the fence.
I want us to enjoy this game and keep it going .
Its worth fighting for.

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ok so i sold my crystal shoe by mistake, who can fix that now?
if i exchange some IM for the credit even, who do i talk to about the prize that i need LS for?
they should have setup the new thing before shutting down the old one... igg ls wasnt perfect, but at least as vip 3 i had access to them.

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Spike glad to see your still around.
Sorry your slipper is lost .
But good example . And common sense in same post. Is this really you ?
All joking aside . You illustrate a perfect point . Nothing we can do about transition its above our pay grade.
But to me it seems they also know its an issue .
I can't be certain how its being handled but they seem to have made it a priority.
Post like this I would guess help them.