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[Columbus] The beginner storyline disappeared at 71(a). An Exclusive Offer

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71(a). An Exclusive Offer
Talk to Maihiwa in London.
click through all the screens that pop up then talk to him again.


Passed the quest to him, and disappeared completely from the quest book "The Story line" - the reboot did not help!!!

my nick "HitGirl" 109 lvl.


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Also, do not take quests from sea books like - Wanted ship capitans!!! and others.........

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You had to complete the other quest first , going to tripoli or whatever , doubleedged quest, don`t remember exactly, it isn`t your fault this game is shit. nothing you can do

If you really want something, you gotta do everything in your power to achieve it and if that is not enough , then you gotta do what is required.
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That's the thing, the Tripoli quest is already done!!! There was some kind of failure, even the sea books with tasks are not activated "Card Pirate rank"..........

P.S. If this is due to bugs that were arranged to move players - then I can still understand, they will fix it!!! And if these bugs are permanent, then the game is OVER, there will be no beginners in the game!!!

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Hollowness no more protect from storms.

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Re; Beginner quest line bug

(Edit 3/7)
This is the first report since the same bug was fixed over 8 months ago.
This bug was active from approximately September 2016 - June 2020. (4 years 3 months)

Back then, you had to do the tasks in the right order or it disappeared from your log book.
Ill have to do the quest and double check the bug is back, then ill change the guide .

Unfortunately I'm working this weekend soo IDK when Ill have enough time to get through that many quests ... it will be a while.

oh and the fix is just to make a new character as it is faster than trying to contact support and then not having them help you anyway.

and before you complain... remember this is a game designed to be played for YEARS so a few hours of re-play is not all that much time in comparison.

though would be interesting to hear how you found the game as they do not advertise.. and so yes, we do not get many new players.


Re; Task books

 double check the quest is or is not in your log book... you can only activate the quest 1x so if  you click a 2nd book before you turn in the quest the pop up screen should say; "you have already taken the mission"
its possible you have done all 25 of the storm voyage > culture (bottom section) turn ins and can not do the quest anymore.
you just may be experiencing horrible lag - close out of the game and try starting again maybe you will get a better connection. (certain countries seem cursed especially on weekends).
you need to be level 120 or higher to be able to turn in the storm voyage/world ocean tasks.
If you click a quest book and you are under 120, after you click Query the task it just says; "no task can be dealt with for the time being".


 Re; Hollowness

reading the stats (read here): Hollowness has never protected you from storms

storm protection is from;
Devil Pirate
Royal Flagship
green flame leader
Rulers Glory (though the written description is incorrect)
sea mermaid

- Ele


copy paste from the Beginners Quest line Guide:


70. Dangerous Seduction
Give the Tavern Boss 100 Silver Coins.
Reward (Voyage Log):  Prof Exp 4,500,000
Reward (chat):  Prof Exp 50,000,000
Note: opens 2 quests Double Edged Sword and An Exclusive Offer.

In the past  you HAD to do London FIRST before Tripoli or the quest line Would bug/ break and you would not be able to continue the quest-line.

ON June 4, 2020 I did a test and the quest line did not break - so it is very possible this has been fixed.  - I will leave this explanation and log book picture here in case it comes back.

Because of the bug, the quest numbers have been re-written (as of 9/7/16) to match the order you must do them in (and not necessarily the order they are in the voyage log).

71(a). An Exclusive Offer
Talk to Maihiwa in London.
click through all the screens that pop up then talk to him again.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 6,600,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 60,000,000

71(b). An Exclusive Offer (continued)
Give 1,500 Silver to Maihiwa.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 12,000,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 80,000,000

72(a). Double Edged Sword
Talk to Aleger (NPC actual name is; Arrigo) in Tripoli.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 6,500,000

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I will retract what I said above. (now edited out)
the other thread only reported that you must do both parts of the quest to continue the quest line.  Thread here

So this is the first report of it disappearing since after the fix last year.

If anyone else has this problem please post so we know it is not just a one person problem.

However the fact the player also reports problems with the drop quest cards , makes me cautious...

If the problem continues;
I would suggest a full removal of the game (which means manual deletion of all vco files) the a re- install.
be sure to clean your drive with a file cleaner to remove any partial files.

Also check your connection to the game using ping plotter or other software...
this game is known to have a worse connection than most other games.
that will tell you if its your computer or just a terrible connection.

gtg so that is it for now..... let us know if anything works.

- Ele

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got the same bug with my Fisher alt trying to lvl it to 120, done tripoli first since it was closest to me, and now quest line is gone hehe
on today date, 10 march 2021.

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Thank you for confirming my words! I just wrote through the translator, I was not sure that you would understand me. I wanted to play on Columbus, and that's how it turned out!!! I wanted to write to the Technical Support in the game, but the function is not available, so I decided to reach you through the forum..........