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[Discussion] Help with Key to Pyramid (Profession Quest #56)

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I'm a new player in this server, so I begin the profession quest. But I see that the quest of the pyramid is bugged. 
When we kill "Leader Tomb Raider" for the key and when we enter in the pyramid, nothing happened...
I read in some forum that the following quest is to kill some mummy, but I don't reveived it.

Some trick to know for this problem ?  Thanks in advance for the answer : )


changed title of thread to reflect actual problem... it is not a "bug" just a text omission. - Ele

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after you kill Leader and take key check right near entrance is one npc...speak with him then enter on pyramid!

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All the beginning quests have guides written to help new players.

The 5 you will be using most are at the very top of the guides page. ( see the word Guides in the above gold/brown strip or click the arrow next to the word "all" then click "guides" )

For the quest you are currently doing, Please follow the guide:

2016 - New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide

The quest you are doing is #56

copy of #56 from guide follows...

56. The Key to Pyramid
Kill Tomb Raider Leaders to get the key to the Pyramid then TALK TO Muhhamed Husni (to the FAR right of the entrance - he may be offscreen) click through his screens ( you get the "reward" from him)  then enter the pyramid.
As of August 22 2012 the key to the pyramid CAN be dropped if you get too many.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 2,300,000,  4 weapons exp 200,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 35,000,000,  4 weapons exp 200,000


You need to talk to Muhammed Husni he is to the right of the Pyramid entrance (1314, 1166)

You have to click through 4 screens with him THEN the quest line will progress

It is not clear in the in game chat or log book, what you are suppose to do after you get the Pyramid key (book).
If you enter the Pyramid, nothing happens and your quest will NOT advance.

all chat says is:

- Ele

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Aaaw ! Okay ! I understand better ^^ 

Thanks a lot for your time ! : )