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[Columbus] seeking German speaking players/ suche deutschsprachige Spieler

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Hey alle zusammen, suche deutschsprachige Spieler die mir ein wenig unter die Arme greifen und mit mir Porto laufen wollen. Brauche fallen drops usw, bin seit 2 Wochen wieder aktiv im game nach längere Auszeit. Mein Name im game ist Transmittor ehm als Vanhelsing34 auf MMP.

Lg Transmittor

Hey all want together, seeking German speaking players grab me a little under the arms and run away with me postage. Need falling drops etc, am since 2 weeks again active in the game after a long time out. My name in game is transmittor ehm as Vanhelsing34 on MMP.

translation added by ele

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Sehr gut . But we need English please .

Posted on 2016-02-01 11:25:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

mh doesnt really make sense ledhed.... maybe he speak only german or only want to speak german and  looking for ppl who maybe bad in english as well    so would be pointless for him to google translate to reach english speaking ppl who will respond and not than he can not understand the answer....  also maybe other germans who not speak good english will read the post if it is german but not if it is just leave it as it is....  it is nothing interesing ....

he just ask for german players who maybe can help him a bit since he game back to game  2 weeks ago and he need porto city( fallen drops and so on) .  However will keep my respond to him now in german too...cause as i said maybe he not understand english so good and i want to help him and not the  mods....:P;)

Verstehe ich dich richtig das du mal als Vanhelsing34 auf MMP gespielt hast jetzt aber auf Columbus als Transmittor unterwegs bist? falls ja ich glaube es gibt ein paar wenige auf columbus die deutsch verstehen(bin aber nicht sicher) aber würde sagen 95% der deutschen spieler sind auf MMP also solltest du falls du nicht gut englisch sprichst beim nächsten transfer event aufjedenfall wieder nach MMP gehen;)


The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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Ja genau, aber möchte gerne auf Columbus bleiben


Yes exactly, but would like to stay in Columbus

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because ... I am a silly American and so are most my other mods... and we do not speak German or Japanese or any other language fluently...
so we can not accurately translate and know what people are saying...
but at least with google translate we can have an IDEA of what the subject is about...

- ele

Dieses ist ein englisches einzige Forum

weil ... ich einen dummen Amerikaner bin und so sind die meisten meiner anderen Mods ... und wir Deutsch oder Japanisch oder jede andere Sprache fließend sprechen nicht ...
so können wir nicht genau übersetzen und wissen, was die Leute sagen ...
aber zumindest  mit Google Translate  wir eine Vorstellung davon haben, was das Thema ist über ...
POST eine Übersetzung oder HABEN den Faden ENTFERNT!

Posted on 2016-02-02 10:40:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

I can speak SOME German and appreciate what he said . I can read his post , but if I allow non english , we will have the united nations here and no one will communicate as we all join some ethnic group . Assimilation with language is deliberate as despite our differences it brings us to one common thing we use to flame each other and otherwise do things on the forum. ( much of it annoying ).?m011
If he is German and in school he has learned some english , East Germany , formally part of Soviet block may have less Germans that speak multiple languages. Not teaching English was a way to try limit contact with us filthy capitalist with all the good stuff .
I am in my family ancestry Half German and Dutch on my Father's side and Mother was Sicilian and calabrian / Naples , so I also have my brothers wife and family of Puerto Rican birth and had to learn this also or be a rock as they speak NO or little english but like me enough to try to talk with me .  I am like most Americans barely able to use english properly and same is for all other languages , I know  a little and forgot much . But I can still find enough words to get the basic gist of the subject .
Now we have Google translate and it is simple enough even I can use it .
So he can type in German all he likes but should provide the translation from google as a simple way to follow rules .

As I do for respect , a simple thing to give a person and try to make them feel comfortable as much of what I type needs a translator anyway .
This is why Fun and I take three hours to have a five minute talk.

A funny true story , IGG had hired for staff a person from Ireland , to teach ENGLISH . I would help with " homework " in my mornings for staff and would WTH is this guy teaching ? Americans do not " speak " or "type " , for the most part " ENGLISH " as you are taught in school , never mind " ENGLISH " as is used by UK , Commonwealth and Irish . So when they get back to work and are seeing tickets , now they are understanding them even LESS than before.
They must deal with , American players from public schools , Canadians with beer ,and all others who use english as a second or third or fourth , etc. , language and knowing only " PROPER " English of England but not British , is no help. They may as well have taught them Shakespeare and English from Victorian ERA . One ling I did was take a latin Course , most all of our western language has a root of Latin you can use to unlock words with.
Old memories  lol , because I am not sure if the quit or went crazy . IGG always complained of course " he was not helpful " but in Chinese of course . Boss didn't feel he should learn English . he felt his lowers , for respect should learn Chinese . China being a very complicated place , ( lol ) . At that time I have several staff contacts  , all hung up over status and system of prestige they use . Highers and lowers and status . Fun time .
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Note pre edit translation ./Pre Bearbeiten Übersetzung
Ich spreche etwas Deutsch und schätzen, was er sagte. Ich kann seinen Beitrag zu lesen, aber wenn ich nicht erlauben, Englisch, werden wir die Vereinten Nationen hier, und niemand wird zu kommunizieren, wie wir alle eine gewisse ethnische Gruppe mitmachen. Assimilation mit der Sprache ist gewollt, wie trotz unserer Unterschiede es bringt uns zu einer gemeinsamen Sache, die wir benutzen, um sich gegenseitig auf dem Forum zu Flamme und sonst Dinge tun.
Wenn er Deutsch und in der Schule er gelernt hat etwas Englisch, Ost-Deutschland, offiziell Teil der Sowjetblock kann weniger Deutsche, die mehrere Sprachen sprechen.
Ich bin in meiner Familie Abstammung Halb Deutsch und Niederländisch auf meiner Väter Seite und Mutter war sizilianischen und kalabrischen / Neapel, so habe ich auch meine Brüder Frau und Familie der puertorikanischen Geburt und musste dies auch lernen, oder sich einen Stein, wie sie sprechen, NO oder wenig Englisch, aber ich mag mir genug, um zu versuchen, um mit mir zu reden. Ich bin wie die meisten Amerikaner kaum in der Lage, richtig zu verwenden Englisch und gleiche gilt für alle anderen Sprachen, weiß, dass ich ein wenig und viel vergessen. Aber ich kann immer noch genug Worte, um die grundlegenden Kern des Themas zu bekommen.
Jetzt haben wir Google Translate und es ist einfach genug, auch ich kann es verwenden.
So kann er auf Deutsch alle er gerne geben, aber sollte die Übersetzung von Google als eine einfache Möglichkeit, Regeln zu befolgen ist.
* pre edit version .

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Original posted by xanthian31 at 2016-2-2 10:06
POST eine Übersetzung oder HABEN den Faden ENTFERNT!

what your google translation mean:

POST(= mail/post office^^) one Translation or HAVE the yarn REMOVED!

not make to much sensef49
well can understand your point and guess google translate not to much work but often not rlly help very much since much nonsense there^^ ....however  i guess it is different if he just look for some help for his own to find some german guys he can talk ingame with and who help him... i mean it is no general discussion topic or so  it is more like try find some guys who speak same language as him so not interesting for all guys who not speak german/who can not understand what he write.... but however now you putted the google translate after it so guess it is fine now:D

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2016-02-02 12:13:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

You should see how it butchers Chinese ,  and some Boss I have called a huge smelly fart cloud , didn't think I was using translate as I said but did it deliberately .
The fact I laughed so hard online in Voice chat while he was on conference maybe made him believe it more. How could you NOT laugh ? I was saying something " stinks " as in suspect , and the " Big boss " must have his head in  cloud to ignore it . So  boss was a big smell odor cloud or whatever , and to Chinese who translate , odor cloud = FART ... Funny , IDC ..Google is the boss of funny .

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Posted on 2016-02-03 08:06:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

to flame wars:

The point is to just understand the basic meaning of what was posted...
we all know EVERY word will not translate.

My job/function here is to read people's posts and know if they contain bad words, or call people bad names etc....

If I do not have a translation... I can not begin to guess what the post might say.
and being a NICE moderator I would like to keep the "help me I can not speak English" threads,  but be able to remove the spam and any threads that are not "nice".

It is not relevant that Ledhed can read German, because there is no way I can know if he has read a post unless he gives it Karma or Favor...
and he does not send me translations... so I NEED to know what a post says.
plus sometimes I catch things he misses or vice versa.

as for the word "yarn"...   well we call each group of posts contained under one title a "thread"...  (Thread has at least 2 definitions , I'm guessing you know them)
Not sure what else to call a thread.. other wise I guess the translation was pretty good?

- Ele

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Posted on 2016-02-04 06:00:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

The google translations here are kinda hilarious. f49

Thread would be "Thema" in german, or just thread. Internet language is pretty universal, which is one of the downfalls of google translate as it usually goes with the word for word and not the contextual approach.

Funny thing though, lots of anglicisms in everyday german nowadays, when talking to younger people you'd be surprised how many english words they use (and butcher the pronunciation). Denglish is a thing and it's not pretty. Been in Japan a few months ago, similar thing with engrish there except they were taught improper english in school, talking to 20-somethings can be quite entertaining but at least they try. /f79

Anyways, rambling.

Had a couple of guildmates on MMP (Kriegsmarine) that were getting up there in age and couldn't be bothered with english, if any of them are still active I'd guess they'd still be on MMP. Not that much of a help but last time I logged in there were at least a few people still around.

Hi, Bye f68