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[Discussion] Profession experience.

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I'm an old player (I started in 2012), so I've mixed quest old storyline and so on. I'm level 133 and I want to go to level 140 to upgrade my clothes and continue the game. Actually I've the Northland islands and Atlantis quest but they don't give me enough experience to grow up my level. (Each missions is giving me 20 to 50MM exp) and I need more than 600MM for each level!

There is another way to get exp points that I don't figure it out? I've my ship level 13 with all the upgrades, and I've a nice upgraded set but the normal 130 ones nothing important.


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I bought a book for IM 300 and was 140 i an instant , its same book they gave out as a promo for old toons to come back as grind is murder . The old ways we used to speed lvl may no longer be available now , If they are maybe someone will tell you in game but even then you may be better off buying IM in game and be 140 in a few seconds .
Unless of course you go RMO and stay in BF and instances all the time , earn silver and steady fast lvl , then when you reach 150 or 140 you just rebirth yourself . yes this can cost IM also BUT you earn tons of silvers while you earn lvls and drops from instance spam . So there is a good reason except you could read book be 140 RMO and go sit with Dragon boat and sink tier tens all day . Then when your 150 you can rebirth if you do not land battle of a RMO or have no team where your DPS doesn't matter so much .

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Timers are a great way to level up.  They are no longer timed.  You pick them up in Atlantis and North Island while killing mobs.  Right click on them and it gives you a quest.  Go to London for North Island and Seville for Atlantis to turn them in.  If you have multiple of the same type, hold onto them and after you turn in the first batch, right click the ones left in your pockets and turn them in again.  Fill your boat with them, any pets you have.  Saves time sailing back and forth.
Also which profession are you since each profession gets more points for doing different things?
Timer guides -
North Island

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For land 'you want to use the following:
Cp/ig-axe or Falchion
Get some 2xp or 4xp scrolls and do that stuff on the weekends which doubles your experience further. Also look into collecting and production as well, since everything gives profession experience along with the requisite skill xp. Hope this helps.
Also, Rmo get really good sea battle xp, so you can sit in black sea or that bf near Aden and afk those dudes all day for good prof xp

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You have elite daily land and sea who give you 200kk prof each everyday and valentine day quest 100kk prof exp.

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Let me know in-game and we can set up something to help you level. I need to lvl up some as well.


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