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[Columbus] Sieges, wars, who owns what

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Original posted by Annexation at 2012-7-13 08:12

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BBS was Brotherhood of Black Sails...after many years they decided not to call themselves BBS anymore but as I am very good at not paying too much attention I never could remember what they called themselves after that.

C had a tendency to name Alliances..I think most of the other servers just say "bad guys" and "good guys"

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that does not rly help lol... we are always the good guys, the other side is the bad guys.... and im sure they see us the same way... we are the bad guys and they are the good guys.....

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Original posted by MonaMaui at 2012-7-13 23:13
BBS was Brotherhood of Black Sails..... I never could remember what they called the ...

Federation of Honorable Guilds:49rab

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Pretty strange way it goes. I've been part of BBS for a while (has DS ever been part of BBS, Mona? not sure about that, too long ago , then as a member of IA voted out of BBS, switched servers, been allied to those who now are called "BBS". Those guys from Tsunami and a few from Pandora I guess...
And as a side note: had nice convo with a some Inky member in the other version a time ago who knew gaming world is a bit weird I guess...

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Why do you run when you can fly?
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Well among the Guild leaders you always had some standup guys mixed in with some totally insame people .

Monty was a decent guy .
As was Bison DM
Crowe .
And thats as far as my memory stretches.

The trouble on the server and many would say FUN ..were TBH type Guilds ..after the leader went insane over refines --they had many players take over leadership one nuttier than the last .
But fun .

Turks --and  poor Kielbasa and friends , never quite got the spotlite ..but they had decent players .

Then Rage and Meds 420 shook things up .

That caused a big big riff in the more consersative players and those that would rather see boys be boys .

But it made BBS hated .

Vindicators -DM  usually achored the BBS then as time went on other guilds `and players either hoined or switched sides or members jumped around .

Transfers destroyed the rivalry .

As did person conflicts among leaders.

GH had issues with members of other guilds and just packed up and left.
DM [-- had lost most of its core playeers as did Vindicators .

Night Voyagers  took a big hit also from transfers and players just quitting.

But TBH went and had biggest drop off ..

Now EVENTUALLY BBS was defeated ..
but it only took about four years and honestly they killed themselves.

The best times were when Fuzzies and Cruna and Inky all were strong and could fight on almost equal terms ..Revenants for a while were the better TGE opponent but they never really got the support needed to overcome the numbers against them .

many times and honest BBS members will admit this --TGE was stronger but lost only from server glitches or bad luck or timing .

I would say for columbus the great times were 2008-2009-2010 , after things went like the game downhill .

Proffesions chased guys out in a huge numbers .
Especially as they kept raping old users by making the hugely invested gear into pooppie .

since nothing was ever done to integrate BIG investments into a NEW game system VCO went into the toilet .

Its still trying to climb out.

Posted on 2012-07-15 10:06:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

very nice history of columbus:) just for the record both sides used glitches in equal terms so it wasnt the main reason tge losing fights. but as you said BBS killed themselfs but thats what the total domination is doing with ppl:)

Posted on 2012-07-15 11:56:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

BBS was tight knit group that shared a goal and worked together .

When they did use power for good reasons to keep their membership in line with common worked.

But just lie in REAL LIFE -it was relationships among the leadership that made it work.

TGE I will argue had some of the BEST individual players to ever play the game .

OK ?

Some were maybe cloned from Chinese game ...ajax etc.  some were rich and nuts ..Red death etc.

But you always had dedicated GOOD players like Mama -red mark --Dynasty Ming period mostly --Vindicators.

It was not one or two guys or Girls .

It was hordes of them .

I know as Bison and TT were frinds they had a system based simply on numbers .
To take one group and make them all strong .

They farmed strong players and grew them by putting them in system.
There was a PLAN --and they fiollowed it.

Of course it ment I got killed every time I touched a lizrd or went into Mausoleum .
But meh ..back then it was the game .
soon enough I made it so killing me wasnt worth all the dead guys .
Fleshy had same attitude.
strength was respected .

TGE or BBS it didnt matter after seiges except for the jerks . Mostly it was just players .

I could team as neutral for HI or instances later with any guild basicly long as held up my end .--thats it ..your not drunk ? Not a noob ..or not THAT drunk ..common letys go ..

So Fuzzies and Vidies would be in HI .

Inky and TBH or Nitevoyagers would be doing Mausoleum..

It just depended on who was on at that time and if you could get job done and were not a totsal **** head .

Cruna --Marenostrum ..EDD ?

come on as much as players would pick on the members individualy they would do deals ANY DAY with them or party up --provided it wasn't a BBS DICTATE that month or week .

Because they had a cuncil that set rules.
So on one hand they were a strong arm gang and heavy handed --but considering the results and personality involved --it worked to keep them in control .

IF the other side was less individul and arguing over --with merit ..who was doing all the work ..LESS and working together MORE ..they destroy or win more against BBS.

They key to BBS staying strong and together and guys going along with dictators was IT WORKED AND THEY WON.

because frankly most players who switched sides just got one order too many ..

Now your telling me who I can deal with after 4 years of knowing -XXXX I cant sell stuff or buy stuff ?  well FK YOU .. I quit ..Inky you need a player ?

But mostly that crap came later when the threat was heavy .

Fuzzy and Inky and Cruna Gruza --with Russ elite at times . and sorry for memory issues I have a bad hangover ..other guilds in TGE .
Were not as organised becuse they didn't have cities ..and had to work twice or three times harder ..because they didn't have cities.

So when you think back at what they accomplished against a Group that had a stranglehold on the server resourse system for so long ..

Well ...respect was earned .

Later when they fell aprt it got ugly and too personal in my opinion.

But it was like the arab spring on Columbus .

I was doing weddings and GM work and was involved with friends on both sides and often had to bite my tongue ..becuse I hear this one did that or that one is doing this ..and I know better.
But I can't get involved .
It would have wrecked the system and trust .

In hind sight on some issues I wish i did do something when things got too personal between long time players over some real bullcrap issues ...but such is life we all weish looking back we say or do something.

It won't have changed much of anything .
But maybe there will again be time like when I join a seige on one side --but am supposed to be on the other side , and do not have a clue , and float up and say hello to the " enemy " ...and they say --' ermm led ..look at tag ....ok so ? ..your fighting US ..mmm ok ..why ?
BOOM sink ..

That was fun days of columbus .

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very well described ledhed. f26 f26 f26.