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[Magellan&Marco Polo] WTB Loadable necklaces paying 100kk

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As the title says pm me in game.  Chrys23

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moved the repeat post to the recycle bin  :ninja:

there are a few necklaces and assistance items that have load
lots of rings have load but none are over 65 except drop jewelry.  And I am not sure if it drops anymore... but it would be profession level 120, 130, 140 & 145.

I do not know if you can get all the items below anymore.......
there might be more ... IDK these are just images i still have on my hard drive
DSOFA wrote the jewelry guide so I would assume he has most of the pictures somewhere.


colony land Necklaces have load like this one:

Gold Pearl Necklace may still drop from pirate bosses



 colony item

Amulets / Assistance slots

                                              * Refined

   note welkin is now profession level 170 to wear

  All colony assistance items give some load no matter level this is best one from colony


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This thread has been banned.

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locking thread to keep people from bring up cabin bug when this is about necklaces

pm player in game

- ele