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[Magellan&Marco Polo] Active guild recruitment and contact list for diplomacy 2019

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TIME FOR AN UPDATED LIST!.. last made is 2 yrs old:

This can be used as a guide by new players or new transfers as well as any other player wanting to communicate with players or seek recruitment/to join a guild as the title suggests. I will leave it up to mods and guild leaders to update or edit. Hopefully lines of communication for newer players, nuetrals and visitors can be better understood using this reference.

(the old one is confusing outdated and full of names of players that are no longer playing or have changed there name or guild in a lot of cases, i think its best to lock the old one, thou needed a replacement first.)

The guild names on the right of screen the leaders or contact names follow the guild tags. This is Helpful so u can contact them to apply to their guild or talk diplomacy/guild matters.
for example 

 Guild Name-Leader/Vice leader/Director/Active:
in no particular order

Quebec_Libre-  sdabadabadoo/MurderousEquinox/Fettywap

HellsAngels-  benzol/Piekka//Kidcudi/Nefrouse

Sunrise-  BSOD/Prince16/davide

Jockers-  YVAD/mladen/_Booster_/BlackSkin

Mythic_Dawn-  Madhorse/SoTeR/Dallas

TheFamily-  LadyGemini/Rosemary/Botaurus

GoGuRyeo-  RedTemplar/Celetyn/Serace

Exile-  Exodusss/RapidFire01

GoldenHorde-  Luboch/RedMarkGH

O_O-  Jedas/Yazou/Azeri/VenomBlade

GladiatorS-  PrinceRhaegar/DarthDread/Rulana

Kriegsmarine-  Alchimeides

BoneHeads-  TheBeast420/TheBeastsWife

Immortals-  Mercenary/BlackHawk312/vette

Vikings-  Mizar/BruceWayne/NabokoV

ATAKA-  Fetishboy/SilverMaster/PrincessGlory

Arcadia-  Renzo/MrAnger

Fugitives-  TheNightTooker


TopGun-  Aiantas/.Mokka

Hun_sailors-  Spike/

PolishArmy-  OmarPL

Currently there isnt any regular sieges, due to a lack of rewards and incentive, as well as a bit of a power struggle to work on 165-170gear, both land and sea and the upgrades rather than outdated server goodies. Quebec Sunrise and O_O control the main ports should u need cannons or elite maps.

 Side note if u wondering whats next in game or you coming back n wanting to fast track here's a big tip.. done all the perfects and qualities and +50s or have not, DO NOT WORRY, do not bother(leave it til last), focus on forging weapons and jewelries (luminous pearls/serpent stones) and also the generals(manuals) and their jewelries(modification stones) and to work on your FLAG(battleground honor n items needed), you will get far better value for your money n bigger stat/power increases per dollar.

All other guilds are inactive/stall guilds or they are made for bidding cities, so i haven't wasted anybodies time to complicate it by adding more names and i dont suggest u join them. A full list can be found at Npc Seville city if you are more interested in server population or something. 

Again this is all to best of MY knowledge all other guilds existing are there, because they have control of a colony but are not active nor wishing to recruit. IF i missed your guild/a guild feel free to post a comment.

 Newer players please remember ALL names are case sensitive and is your responsibility to get it right, also be aware it is possible over time players can use the name change service. 

All efforts on grammar characterising and case sensitivity fall upon you. Or make message on public chat requesting said player/guild.

Good Luck have fun, maybe see you at MMP.

There is no greater sense of accomplishment and achievement than hard work.
Money will not bring you happiness but it can bring you plenty of problems.
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To be updated n edited shortly..

There is no greater sense of accomplishment and achievement than hard work.
Money will not bring you happiness but it can bring you plenty of problems.
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hummm o____x