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[Discussion] Question for main quest [SOLVED]

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Dear Support

AS i am level 118 as i  no longer have the  Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide start half way then is stop. quest.
as i did not done  quest 50. The Bank Tycoon  and the main quest only show the knight vigl why?? as i remember i did  72(a). Double Edged Sword then after  not  showing 72(b). Double Edged Sword (continued)
 there no quest giving for doing  73. Sail out to Santa Maria Island have no show on my quest page

as i do not know why..
which quest  have more exp daily? as  and which best place go afk geting  cash and exp and also  got a recommdation letter for cathelin level 5 ship good colmun as try to remove not able and delete even i try hand to capetown to  cathelin npc still not able as i   think remove the quest as do not remmeber which quest was is can u plz help me thanks as npc ship attck me with this goods

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You need get to 120 and start first Knights vigil quest , the old quest are either broken , missing , or pay no proffesion points .

Visit for game features !
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oh ok what about this  one ? got a recommdation letter for cathelin level 5 ship good colmun as try to remove not able and delete even i try hand to capetown to  cathelin npc still not able as i   think remove the quest as do not remmeber which quest was it  npc ship attck me with this goods

Posted on 2017-07-27 11:51:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

IF you do 72  Tripoli then London... the quest line breaks
if you do London then Tripoli the quest line works fine.
(if you do them in order that the in game log book shows it breaks... go figure)

That is why we ALWAYS try to stress to old and new players alike to Follow the story line guides here in the forum  click in the brown stripe area at top of page; "guides" or "all >> Guides".

IGG will not fix the problem for some reason  it's been that way for about 1.5 yrs now.

You have to make an email "ticket" to support and have them restart your quest line.

More than likely support will not answer in 1 week we have been having problems with them... so after your ticket is 1 week old you can copy past your ticket  in a new thread and we will escalate it to Fun of King who is the only contact we now have with IGG.

Please read the rule about posting messages for Fun of King BEFORE you make your post.
Links to support are also in this guide:

New RULES/ PROCEDURE when asking for FOK's help;


For some reason Knights vigil actually will show in your log book when you hit lvl 60 or so...
why it shows so soon, we do not know, because you can not start it until level 120.


you probably did # 50 bank tycoon with out realizing you did it...
because all you have to do it "talk" to the npc when you auto track there it may auto complete.

If it is not showing in your log book... you did it... because you would not be able to progress otherwise.


- Ele

Posted on 2017-07-27 12:12:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

if reset quest all my quest start again? storyline to do? to email support

Posted on 2017-07-27 18:05:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

sry for incomplete info but i had to leave for a class where they literally lock the door and do not let you in if you are more than 10 min late...

First.... TAKE YOUR TIME.... 
I will cut and paste the important information you missed because you did not use the
Beginner quest line guide


For your ship read the following:

Method 2 (how to sail your free lvl 10 ships and repair them for free) - my personal suggestion for first time players
(This method for players with out access to the 5+ Million coins needed for level 10 noble title)

1)  Go to the Ability Book Exchange Master; Athens dock: (50, -48) ... exchange 1 of the 4 ability gold for;  Ship building (W/ shipbuilding skill you can repair your own ship.).

You will have to buy the Ship building skill from the Skill tutor first, (inside Athens city near city gate) in order to click and "learn" the skill to 100 (the icon you click, looks like a birthday present)
You no longer need Voyage or Eloquence or Seabattle to sail the free level 10 ships (3/23/14)

2) Click and open all 3 ship packs
Battleship - Holds the most cannon and is  middle in speed of the 3 types of ships.  
Adventure ship - Fast, less cannon and holds less load than others, but w/ a lvl 10 you won't notice the smaller load,  
Trader- Slow but holds large load.

3) Remove / un- equip and put in the equipment or items slots; all cannon, figureheads, ship auxiliaries, grapple, ram etc from the ship you are currently using.
(by default you are using the Caroelle)
If you do not do this right away before starting play of the game you may have to remove provisions, cannon, or ammunition and put them in your warehouse or bank because of the excess load.

4) Go to the Athens Docker select Dock then the ship you want to use.
I suggest the adventure ship (raider) the colossal Korean turtle shaped ship because it is the fastest.

5) Equip all items you have back on the ship

When you try to sail off you will probably need more sailors, the docker will automatically sell you the minimum amount needed to sail when you try to sail off.

*** I suggest learning Ship building w/ the reward gold, so you can repair your own ship for free..
It is free to repair level 1 ships at the ship yard boss, but any other level costs coin.

To actually repair your ship:

To repair your ship: (click the repair icon ;   ctrl+a >> interaction tab>> icon looks like a hammer in front of a piece of wood) then click the picture of your ship in the ship attributes window (ctrl +z).  You can only repair your ship when stopped at sea or while standing still? on land.
I suggest you drag that icon to your "hot key bar" at the bottom of the screen so you can use it more easily.

This leaves 3 reward gold for other skills...  hold on to them for a while, and use them for what ever skills seem to be leveling the slowest after a few weeks of play.
You can also buy more reward gold in the Item mall ( ).

You will still be able to learn other skills at the skill tutor...
All skills can be trained to 120 for free (3/23/14) .
You no longer need to promote a skill to phase 2 or phase 3 at the skill tutor to continue earning skill points.  

More beginner suggestions:

6) Use/click the super honor certificate so you have reputation.... and then buy noble rank, and the amity for the rank, when ever you can afford it.  You have to have noble rank to wear some of the uniforms and use some of the weapons in game and to equip the "belief item you get free from timed prizes or pick up in drifters.
** you may not need reputation or noble rank to wear the profession uniforms or use the profession weapons 120 and below..By the time I was in 120 gear I was already a Baron... but never had any trouble equipping profession gear from the quests.

(Don't worry this beginner quest line will have you buy your rank once so you will see how it is done)
Fore more information read;  
Noble Titles; Nationality; Empires; Amity; City Leaders for titles -


making some extra coin/ money

Making money while you do the quest line
Making cash/ silver coin in game is tough for beginning players... save every silver you can!

Sell all items you pick up along the way to a NPC (see below)....

   sell the extra uniform charm  (ie. the male one if your character is female)
   sell the dolphin and shark charm (they do not add any stats and you should be using the certificates of overlord and sea mermaid in those ship slots).
   Sell extra drops you pick up; if you needed only 5 crab pincers but had 7, sell the extra 2 after your turn in the task.
   Authenticate/ identify (@ Identifiers) any drops you get the first time (a screen pops up if it is an item that can be "authed" ).  You get money and reputation when you authenticate stuff.  Some items can now be authenticated over and over but you only get 1/2 the reputation amount for the 2nd , 3rd, 4th etc.. time.
   Stay a few extra minutes when your are killing or collecting, and collect more drops.. since your spaces are already taken up by 2 or 3 of each why not make it 20 of each, and sell the excess.

To sell an item to an NPC  you must go to a NPC that sells
Blacksmith, Alchemist, Tailor, Pet Merchant, Shipyard Boss, Docker (provision screen).
Just click the trade option then drag the item you want to sell over an empty or filled slot in the npc window.

You can also set up a booth or trade "in person" with another player..  However most (if not all) of the items in this quest are considered low level and will not be needed by established players.
(dont bother trying to sell items to players until you are well above lvl 130+ and can ask others what they need).



Contacting support:

I suggest you take a screen shot of the game while you have your log book open on the "main" tab showing that the story-line quest is missing.... and make sure your level (at top right) shows.

to capture a screen shot just press the print screen button then paste (ctrl +V) the picture into paint or any graphics editing program and save it to your computer.   You may have to resize the picture IDK  sometime the file is too big... so make it 1/4 or 1/3 smaller... that usually works.

Then just say in the description of the problem;  you did the Tripoli portion of " #71 & #72 An Exclusive offer" and "A double edged sword," then did the London portion of the quests... and that the Beginner quest line disappeared after completing the London portion.

Your character should be re-started at #73; Sail out to Santa Maria.

BUT - we have been having problems with support....

I know you are about 1 day into the game, but it will probably be a whole lot faster if you just create a whole new character with a whole new email.

Because you are now familiar with the game, it should only take about 2 hrs to get to the point you are at.
(plus using your lvl 10 ship you will sail faster - use the free sea mermaid from the timed awards as soon as you get it)
** this is just my suggestion... you can wait for support if you want.


FINALLY I think i found that letter to  Cathelin!!

This is a Warrior alliance task (given by either Amsterdam or Madeira warrior Alliance NPC)
you are in the middle of a task... I suggest you just finish the task.
you can probably also just drop the letter to the ground, but then you will not be able to do/finish the task. And its not that hard of a task, though no one need those weapon drawings anymore, but it is a few sea battle points.

Amsterdam: Mallorca Lizard
Accepting conditions: Your sea battle should over level 51. And any of the following sills, falchion, sword, axe and shooting should over level 51.
Task info: There are many lizards on Mallorca Island. At Cape Town Port, there is a man named Cathelin who is doing research on creatures. He really likes to help the Are Warrior Alliance. You first go to Mallorca Island and kill one lizard of every kind and then take them to Cathelin. He will give you weapon drawings. This is my recommendation letter, take it to him.
Requirement:  Kill 1 - Lizard, 1 -Cave Lizard, 1 -Poisonous Lizard, 1 - Giant Lizard and 1 - Dragon Lizard In  Mallorca (Dragon Lizard is only on top of the hill in Mallorca or in Semerang), then take letter to Cathelin in Cape Town tavern.
Reward (Voyage Log):  Sea Battle 30,000, Goree Island Passport, Random Weapon Drawing
Reward (Chat):  Sea Battle 30,000, Goree Island Passport, Smoothebore Drawing (Foundry 51, Level 6)


Madeira: Searching for Spider
Accepting conditions: Your sea battle should over level 51. And any of the following sills, falchion, sword, axe and shooting should over level 51.
Task info: In Double Axes Labyrinth on Island Sicily live various spiders. Cathelin in the tavern of Cape Town Port is a biologist, he will help you. I command you go to the second floor of the labyrinth and kill the spiders (one in each specie), after that, go to Cathelin, and he'll give you the drawing for weapons. Here is my recommendation letter for him.
Requirement:   Kill 1 Dead skin Spider, 1 - Giant Tarantula, 1 - Poisonous Tarantula and 1 - Black Spider in Crete double axe labrynth (2nd floor), then talk to Cathelin in Capetown Tavern.
Reward (Voyage Log):  450,000 Sea Battle exp, Goree Island Passport, Weapon Drawing
Reward (Chat):   450,000 Sea Battle exp, Goree Island Passport, Hacking Falchion Drawing (Foundry 51, level 6)


Pirates Pirates...and storms

You will get a "sea mermaid" in the 30 minute timed pack.  As soon as you get this equip it to one of your ship equipment slots.  It will keep you from sailing into storms at sea which wastes precious time, sailor healing kits and ship repair kits. And, it will keep NPC Pirates from attacking you.

You can buy more sea mermaids in the INGAME mall (Ctrl +B) for 12,000,000 game silver or buy them in the Online Mall for 29 IM Points (approx $1.60 USD).

- Ele

ps.  in my first comment I said lvl 11 ship... I meant free lvl 10 ship...(as you should not have the lvl 11 yet if you are level 118)
You get a free lvl 11 adventure ship (Raider) pack at the end of the 120 Knights vigil quest line.
(and if someone gave you their free lvl 11 ship... use it!!)