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[Magellan&Marco Polo] WTS Nice Athena Figurehead

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a guide, tutorial would be awesome :)

No, You're Newbie!
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The only time I have ever been aware of adding extra hull/sailors to a FH due to the nature of the attribute transfer function to be considered an exploit was when BAT's worked on FH's.

Since Snail made a game choice to reserve FH Attribute Transfer's as an exclusive function of the Full AT, and specifically removed it from working with a BAT, but otherwise left everything the same, it is by extension a logical conclusion that the way a Full AT operates is fully supported by the game manufacturer.

While it may have started life as an unintended consequence of the nature of Attribute Transfers, there can really be no other conclusion drawn other than it is now working as intended.

People that complain that it is an exploit are simply unhappy that Snail has chosen to allow spending RL money to have such a large impact on the SB meta.  

With that said, IC nothing wrong with arguing the merits of Snails decision, but calling it an exploit and accusing people of using exploits for taking advantage of how the AT system works is really just a failure to accept the decisions that Snail has clearly made in addressing these issues.

Snail has clearly chosen to keep this as a Game feature and THEY are exploiting it to make additional revenue.

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its only players choise. it s not duty.

just snail give to us 1 way.

get power from IM.

when AT worked FH comes in game. many people reported to LS.

LS said. " just they Jealousy "

yes in this case i agreed with LS.

 to make nice FH is need much IM.

people used their precious $ for that.

u can use 100 x AT. then more nice FH. 
anytime u can make. just get AT.

Posted on 2016-12-21 13:53:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

#4 FOK 
The AT cost is high
if he spends the cost on the alt ,u will face 2 strong chars