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[Magellan&Marco Polo] Looking for a neutral guild

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Posted on 2015-02-21 01:58:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Original posted by Brett1990 at 20-2-2015 22:04

since when have BW periodicaly hunted us down?,  I've spoken to Lisa before never has she ignored or told me of such things

Read back my reply,I never said that.

Posted on 2015-02-21 17:13:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Brett all I know since leaving most activity on MMP as I was much too low lvl , was at that time the server was being transferred to not because of its neutral guild reputation but because it offered a very competitive and active PVP style atmosphere . Having had a strict neutral guild on a very active PVP server for many years I know personally as the leader of the guild just how hard it is to exist , never mind actually grow or own anything more than a Colony spot if your lucky .
So it was a perfectly Valid question to ask . As even neutral guilds to exist on most servers must use diplomacy and the good will of the warring guilds is needed for protection from those looking for easy targets to gank out of the game .
Your existing because the most powerful players and guild leaders except or respect you and your members . being neutral on a Pvp server is much harder than just joining a side , as it takes one or two players or incidents to destroy any credibility you built in years , to remove your neutral status .
I speak of something I know as I have lived it since the game began .

So Can it exist ? Anything is possible if you want it bad enough .
Knowing the difficulty " does it exist " , now replied to , is and was not an accusation but a perfectly valid and very simple question .

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Posted on 2015-02-23 03:26:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

I meant that pvp was a waste of time if both sides are doing the whole back and forth they're cheating or exploiting and so on, so being neutral saves me time.  Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Not saying that I wouldn't join in pvp gm events with certain people who are in pvp guilds. But the guild I'm in was all them years ago how people stopped it is beyond me. Existing is easy keeping it together is a task at time but we do are best.

Posted on 2015-02-25 23:02:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

The whole game is effected now and PvP also and especially because of continuing exploitation of game mechanics.
When as I mentioned , you may have one ring that cost you a year or more to get , why take a risk in buggy , exploit ridden seiges that drive this game ?
Most do not anymore and pvp is more spontaneous. We have a mess and " nuetral" makes more sense just in terms of forcing task on some..
IGG' knows whats going on, just working with SG to fix things takes longer than expected .