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[Magellan&Marco Polo] Can not find NPC for restruction 120 weapon and etc. to 130 lvl.(only140)

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You now get your weapons free. there are 2 quests that give 140 weapons and can only be done 1x by each character....
but you can make an alt and trade IF the weapon has not been equipped.

There are 2 knights vigil quest  one gives the 120 one gives the 140....
as you noticed the 120 becomes worthless now.

2014 - 120 Knights Vigil Quest Line
quest # 6
6. Kratos’ Final Test (last training session for land combat)
gives level 120 weapon of your choice.

2014 -  140 Knight's Vigil II Questline Guide - (Free 140 equipment)
9) Blade of Judgement - gives 140 weapon


2014 - Gonzales in Barcelona; Free 140 Weapon
do #9
9)  Treasure Finder


Buy 140 weapons at Suit material exchanger - Seville
200 M + 30 Seal of Poseidon + 30 Seal of heaven

140 is the new low level now....
so you kinda get stuck with level 120 weapons and 130 weapons if you did not upgrade...
Update happened  March last year??
the year before that they really pushed the Tiger totem events so people would upgrade... to bad they didn't tell us we could never upgrade again cuz im stuck with 130 level on my alts.

- Ele

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I have ornaments and other gear took a year to pimp when we got vouchers etc. They are insane to think I take unpimped gear and not upgrade . So since no way to move up I move on is all .