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[Da Gama+James Cook] Returning Player

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Posted on 2018-07-07 11:55:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Haven't played for years. Glad to see this game still kicking though. How is the population, what is the most populated server? Is it still heavily pay to win? Stopped playing when the highest level you could achieve was 120 :D

Anyone else left from the old days?

Posted on 2018-07-07 12:09:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

Magellan and marco polo is the most populated  but half of the population consists of alts .

Go look at events for hot sales min 5k item mall points to get a prize .

That said you still can't buy everything on item mall to max you character so yes it's modtly pay to not grind but win and not have to work for items it is not

Posted on 2018-07-07 14:07:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

That being said...
I would NOT play your old character...
create a new account with a new email so you can trade what ever coin and items you will want..if you r characters are on the same server. (suggest you play new character a day before transferring anything as you may not want anything other than the coin)
New accounts can get to 143 or so by just doing the beginner quest line, knights vigil 1 and knights vigil 2 quest lines.  You also start with lvl 10 ships that you DO NOT need voyage 100 to sail.  You also get some extra stuff to help level from "timed awards"  (see beginner quest line guide for items) like timed ship auxiliary items, potions, and belief items.

If you have access to item mall yes you can buy "items" to level up profession level ... but only ability reward gold will level the old skills to 100 and you have to grind from there.

Read the beginner guide for many helpful hints and suggestions ... and for clarity and correct instructions as some of the text the npc's "say" is not even relevant, and the voyage log is at times not all inclusive either.

All mentioned quest line guides are linked at the top of this list (2nd post):
List of guides
or are pinned to the top of the guides section of this forum.
(probably easiest if you just book mark the individual guides as you do the corresponding quest line)

- Ele

Posted on 2018-07-07 14:17:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

MMP and Columbus most population

Da Gama dead

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2018-07-09 11:24:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

Old ? who is old ? How are ya buddy .

Posted on 2018-07-15 16:25:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

I wonder what the odds are for both me and Kevda looking at the forums virtually at the same time again are.
Yeah I know you ledhed must be older than gandalf by now.

Posted on 2018-07-15 17:56:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

The game is either pay to win or grind to win. Pick one.

You will either have to pay for IM points yourself, or grind the hell out of the game to buy points from someone else. And let me tell you, this games requires a lot of grinding. If you're not going to play 2-3 hours a day, you won't be able to play it competitively, unless you wanna spend fortune on IM.


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Posted on 2018-07-22 23:48:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

You must remind me of who you are!

Posted on 2018-07-23 10:19:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

spend money and practice a lot to win world cup.

That's France Football team did.

in this game ,it maybe similar .

if you want to be no.1 ,did 2 things best.

if only be strong ,choose 1 is enough,spend money or grind in game.

or spend half money and half working in game.

Posted on 2018-07-24 11:50:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

most amusing thing ever  ppl warning that gonna use bugs on yizhou last boss in the forums lmao