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[Discussion] Barcelona Suburb level 5 Treasure map

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does anyone know where to find the exact location of level 5 map in barcelona suburb.

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as with every other map   athens tavern or seville tavern

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There are 2 kinds of authentication at the map authentication npc:

one type of Auth just gives general location
another if you scroll to bottom of interface... it will tell you exact coordinates.

Also, you can have this done at any but the Oslo map authenticator now.  ie. Sevile, Athens, Cape town or Bejing.

IF you want us to help, you have to post a screen shot of the map  (not a picture of the screen taken with camera)  so that all the slight differences in shading can be seen.

Or you can do it by yourself;  compare the overhead map in game to your treasure map.
you can adjust darkness lightness with game controls to see details/ surroundings better.

last map I had in Barcelona was toward the back left.

Also its is more location than level of map.
I have had different level maps at the same locations.

Each suburb or city or dock has so many/ xx# possible map locations.
What that number is IDK... but probably at least 5 or more.

- Ele