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[Zheng He] [Solved] Help! The key of the pyramid-I can not pass

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Posted on 2018-11-03 06:29:50 | Show thread starter's posts only


Well, the only thing you can do is contact support and see if they can reset the quest.
Please read through the link... and be sure to show your voyage log (like above ) but with a full screen if possible so they can see your character level in the top right.
you may have to resize the screen shot if you have a large screen (I use width 1300 pixels width, and auto size the height) there is a file size upload limit at the support site.
IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info
use the email and get a ticket link.

Though I don't want to sound negative about this but about 2 yrs ago this happened to a guild mate of mine and all support did was offer him some free compressed provisions as compensation.... but as we have learned... the actions support takes change between each person you get... so you never know just what they will actually do... so please try contacting support first!

The members of my guild were able to give this guild mate of mine all the 140 jewelry and uniform and helmet and maybe even a weapon..... and I think someone  had an extra lvl 11 adventure ship that that they were able to give him....some of us may still have extras from long ago when they reset everything and we were able to redo the quest-line, or they can help purchase the items at the tiger totem exchanger.

- Ele