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[Zheng He] server pop

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Posted on 2018-11-13 04:20:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

you just come 1 day to late for the transfer :D

Anyway ifit is a duke must be an super old char. Best is start over again with a new char on MMP or Columbus.

I know FoK is saying empty server like Zeng He and Da Gama good to get more easy reward but only if the ppl there like you :D  and also its hard to find ppl who help you there ;)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2018-11-13 05:02:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Zheng He isn't dead or empty, you can go fully 10 hours before bumping into anybody. :D

They say that human experimentation is your case it was not illegal enough
Posted on 2018-11-13 10:03:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

I second Flamewars' opinion...

Start a new character but on a new account with new email.
This way you can use your old character for extra storage and for labor skills if you stay on zheng... though probably MMP or Columbus to start is not a bad idea since you will be able to buy items from other players (almost no player booths in Zheng or DaGamma).

You now get free lvl 10 ships at the start of the game, and free items from timed awards that will help you get through the beginner quest line, the knights vigil 120 quest line and the knights vigil 140 quest line.
Max level on skills is 120 but profession skill goes up to 170.

Follow the beginner quest line (or knights vigil) guide here in the forums as you do the quest... the text/ wording in game said by NPC's and even in the in game voyage log (quest tracker) is incorrect at times.

From The list of Guides;
(might want to bookmark the list of guides)

New Player Basic Game Information

Beginner quest lines are now broken into separate quest lines.  Do them in the following "order"
(it is suggested you jump around between some of the quest lines.  Such as do the 120 Knights vigil when you reach 120 in the middle of the beginner story line or do Voyagers times and daily quests when you need a break);

A lot of first time player information is included at the beginning of the Beginning Player Start and Quest line Guide.

1)    2014 - New/ Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide
2)    2014 - 120 Knights Vigil Quest Line   (lvl 120 to start quest line)
3)    2014 - Bimi, Atlantis, Storyline, Quests, Exploration Log, Rewards (lvl 120 to start quest line)
4)    2014 - 140 Knight's Vigil II Quest line Guide - (Free 140 equipment) (lvl 140 to start quest line)
5)    North Island - Profession Storyline / Exploration / Cards / Rewards (lvl 120 required, 140 suggested to start quest line)
2014 - Voyagers Times Quests (quests start at various levels, some do start at level 1)
Silk Route, Saint Andrews - Quanzhu Daily Quests (lvl 60 to receive quests)
World Ocean/ Naval Intelligence & Industrial Quests (level 120 to do these quests)
2014 - Gonzalez in Barcelona; Free 140 Weapon (lvl 100 to see first quest, lvl 140 to see weapon quest)
2014 - Valentines Day Daily Quest & Quest Line (lvl 120 to receive quests)
2018 - Arena Quests (lvl 60, 90, 120 to receive different sets of quests)
Request quest line (daily task) (Any level can start the quests but level 140+ recommended to kill Rampant Pirates)

Instances you can do daily; see the instances part of the list of guides
Beginner instances; Crete (sea) Battlefield, Crete Maze copy (Instance), Straight of Gibraltar (Sea), Mallorca Instance, Madagascar Instance, Bombay Instance. - you will need the drops from these instances to refine/improve the stats of your equipment and they give a lot of experience/leveling points.

I also suggest you to the daily trade task (Athens or Sanctum of memories) every day you play - you will need the trade point cards (TPC) to get refining items for your equipment (see Trade points Exchanger in Barcelona city)

The daily Valentines task (lvl 120 to get quest) gives a high amount of experience for very little work.  Do it daily.
At level 60 you can do the low level arena quests and they give good experience as well.

Make money by farming the cannon and figureheads in North Sea instance (use double drop card when possible).... Until you are strong enough to farm Hurricane Island Cave instance (farm cannon operator jewelry)

If you can get someone to help you kill the Rampant Pirates in London Suburbs, do the daily task  "Request; Supply Officers Request" (level 1 to take quests) from the NPC on London Upper dock (next to the mid-summer event envoy).
Keep all items from that quest; You will need the items from that quest in the future.

If at all possible, when starting a new character play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
We get double experience (on most things done in game) on those days.

All new players NEED to start the game by doing the Beginner Story line Quest
(Quest line starts when your character first appears in game,
you talk to the NPC in front of you).

There really is no other way to obtain level 140 fast, except to do all 3 quest lines.
(Beginner, Knights Vigil 120, Knights Vigil 140)
140 is now considered start of game.