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[Guides] Request quest line (daily task) ( London Daily ) ( Supply Officer )

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Posted on 2016-08-23 19:00:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is a short guide about the new Request storyline that was introduced in the version 0.122. I will rewrite it later, this is just an overview.

Any level can do the quests but recommend 140 or higher to kill Rampant Pirates at end of quest-line.

This is a daily task!

1. Supply Officer's Request
Talk with Supply Officer in London Port [-16.3 / -54.1]
Reward: 15 x Gulch-Gold Fragments

2. Material Collection (1)
Buy 5 Pieces of Beef from Trader in Bordeaux Port [46.4 / 26.6] or London City. Beef requires Level 2 Purchasing. Deliver them to Supply Officer in London Port [-16.3 / -54.1].
Reward: 15 x Gulch-Gold Fragments

3. Material Collection (2)
Collect 10 Linen (Athens suburb), 10 Jute(Athens suburb), 10 Hide(Trader in Dakar or Maderia) and deliver them to Supply Officer in London Port [-16.3 / -54.1].
Reward: 20 x Gulch-Gold Fragments

4. Kill the Monsters (1)
Go to North Sea Battlefiels and sink 5x Jackal Armed Ships and 5x Golden Eye Armed Ships.
Reward: 3x Crete Medals

5. Kill the Monsters (2)
Go To London Suburb and kill 10x Rampant Pirate.
Reward: 50x General Manual

6. Supply Officers Gratitude
Talk with Supply Officer.
Reward: 1x Quartermaster reward package

Quartermaster reward package
* 15 x Labrinton Honor Certificate (10 honor from each one)
* 200 x Labrinton Coast Badge
* 40 Petro Fortress Honor Badge
* 15 Consortia Habor War Battle Award
* 20 Common Treasure redeemed voucher
* 10 Advanced Treasure redeemed voucher (this one may come or may not, it appears to be random)



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